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Agenda Released for 2018’s Mobile Deployable Communications Event [PATRONAGE]


Conference organisers SMi Group have released the full agenda for the upcoming, 11th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference, returning to Warsaw, Poland on the 1st and 2nd February 2018. has assumed media patronage over the event.

Flexible and continuous connectivity, anywhere, at any time is a key priority for major defence forces around the world. With the critical threat of cyber warfare intensifying, there is now a pressing need to ensure secure communications can be effectively operated in contested environments.

2018’s agenda will look at the key drivers causing the growing demand for flexible, protected, and interoperable CIS capabilities, and through expert led presentations, from some of the world's leading authorities, will discuss the challenges for both solution providers and end users of deployable communications.

Featured presentations include:

  • Host Nation Opening Address: Bringing CIS to the Polish Armed Forces
    Colonel Robert Drozd, Chief of Command and Control Directorate- J6, The General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces
  • Keynote Address: DCIS Support to Operations and Current Developments
    Colonel Thomas Wirsching, J5 Division Head, NATO CIS Group
  • Effectively Delivering Net-Centric CIS Capabilities to U.S. Army Europe
    Colonel Charles Robert Parker, CIO/G-6, US Army Europe
  • Ensuring Continuous Connectivity in Deployable Communications
    Colonel Michel Pardoux, Head of Telecommunications Branch, DGA France
  • Satisfying Austria`s Next-Generation Tactical Communication Requirements
    Colonel Horst Treiblmaier, Chief of Communication, Ministry of Defence Austria

Reasons to attend include:

  • Meet, network with and hear from senior military personnel in the J6 Command and Control Directorate, Polish General Staff
  • Hear national updates on how secure tactical communications can be effectively operated in contested environments
  • Discuss how flexible and continuous connectivity is being achieved through next generational tactical communication capabilities
  • Understand how Europe is fostering greater allied integration to meet national, regional and international requirements

Defence24 has assumed media patronage over the event.

Detailed information on the Conference can be found at its website:

11th Mobile Deployable Communications Conference 
1st and 2nd February 2018
Warsaw, Poland